6 Money Habit (Good & Bad) Lessons from J Cole’s K.O.D.

Global Warming isn’t the only issue to blame for it being a COLE WORLD. Life will come with its ups and downs. Things will not always go the way you expect them to go. Therefore, no matter what life calls you, it’s the way you respond that matters most. When releasing the album, Cole expressed […]

Are you spending your emotional currency based on social media?

How many places have you visited virtually, going broke on emotional currency? Dubai. Ireland. Phuket. Havana. Scottsdale, AZ. Timeline destinations can go on and on. We have experienced numerous destinations due to our daily visits on social media. Often, our distant experiences don’t positively motivate us, but rather cause us to mourn over our perceived […]

7 Reasons You Must Tackle Your Credit Card Debt

Using a credit card is extremely convenient, especially if you don’t have cash available. You’ve heard the famous motto, “Don’t have the money now? No problem!” During the weeks you do not get paid, credit cards come in handy. But the problem comes the day after your direct deposit hits, and you’ve paid every bill—except […]